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Spud Tablet is a tool for virtual tubers that displays an animated set of hands (or non-hands) that responds to mouse/tablet/cursor input, even when not in focus. Capture them with your streaming software of choice and show the world exactly how hard you're flailing your pen!

Fair Warning: I am not a professional software developer! Everything is provided as-is and without promise of updates or support!


- Fully Customizable graphics! Everything is loaded from easily-modified .pngs!

- A hot mess of options crammed into an .ini file!

- Customizable tracking region! 

- Separate windows allows for the capture and use of either the arm or tablet display individually!


- Spud Tablet and Arm only track the cursor position, and animates the hand/arm using some math to guesstimate the placement. It does not track the exact angle of your hand or tablet pen - I am not a cool enough programmer to know how to mess with weird tablet-specific features.

- The Spud Arm window defines the cursor tracking area. You will need to have it open and maximized behind your art program of choice for the tracking to work correctly, even if you are not capturing Spud Arm with your streaming software.

Programmed in C++ (with the help of the SDL, SDL_image, and inih libraries) by Virtual Graves.

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AuthorSadWhale Studios
Tagsstream, vtuber


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I wanna quickly give some advice to anyone who uses Aseprite and a screen tablet like XP Pen (XP Pen 13.3 pro in my case), but before I do I just wanna say that this software is lovely and that it can help add so much more personality to someone's streams, it's helped with mine so far.

Now, if you're like me you might've noticed that for some odd reason the arm portion will sometimes stop tracking Aseprite movements when using the tablet but not for the mouse. If you're specifically in the Spud Arm screen itself it will track with the tablet, but swapping over to certain software while using the tablet will cause it to stop tracking. It took me a bit to figure out how to get around it, but for using Aseprite, I recommend turning off the "Windows Ink" mode for the Tablet. For some reason beyond my limited understanding (I'm a pixel artist, not a programmer, so this stuff's beyond me), Windows Ink, Aseprite, and the Spud Arm don't all like to play nice with each other all at the same time. The 'Ink' mode doesn't seem to interfere with any other art program's 'spud compatibility' to my knowledge (Procreate seemed to work just fine with it), but Aseprite seems to throw a fit with it. Thankfully though, pen pressure isn't really important for Aseprite (if it's even used at all), so you're fine to turn it off.

Basically for all my fellow Aseprite users with Tablet Screens:
Try turning off Windows Ink mode.
It might help ya out.

question sorry! when i open the tablet up in obs i just get the green background with it? how can i just have the tablet? i tried doing the transparency little thing in obs but its not working :(

Great little program!  I just wish there was a way to limit the degree to which the tablet hand projects left to right, since when I move my hand all the way to the right (I'm left-handed) it looks like my arm snapped off lol.

Thank you for making this tool. It has been incredibly helpful. I used to spend a lot of time making a tool like that, but the results weren't quite satisfactory. I truly appreciate!!

Hey, I need some help, please! Since the customized hand/tablet is placed, the mouse tracker cannot keep up with the mouse exactly where it is

Thank you for this masterpiece! 

Hey, I need some help, please! Ever since I put in custom hand/tablet, the mouse tracker never properly follows exactly where the mouse is. It's always too high or too low, and I've tried readjusting the tablet settings many times but to no avail. Now, it's just made it WORSE because now the arm disconnects and moves all over the screen to follow the mouse instead of the hand, and the wrist is far off the hand-to-arm joint. Not sure how to fix this...

não sei se é o só o meu… Mas…

Não sei por que, parece que fica travando e gargalando, isso é normal?


Is it possible to change from right hand to left hand?

Because I am left handed and I need to somehow to do it.

i dont think i will use a vtuber system, ¡but this is very cool!

I could use some help ^^"

I have been able to change the hand sprite without issue but i cannot make the window go full screen. I don,t have that option, the maximize button is greyed out. 
I'm running windows 10 and I do have a two screen setup because i have a screen tablet if that changes anything.

nvm i understand after looking at the pics of the app. I have to maximize the other view for it to work.

It works great! Thank you!

i feel stupid but i figure I'll leave my post up in case someone else has a case of the dumb dumbs

(3 edits)

how do i add the avatar thing like you did?

Occasionally in OBS, the tablet changes to the big hand 

how do i fix that lmao

Hey, whenever I try to draw (I use a Wacom-One) the hand freezes up, which isnt really ideal, is there any way to fix this?

I noticed this to, but im using it on my macbook so its also not optimal for me. 

(2 edits)

No matter how I change the chroma key, the overlays appear mostly transparent on my stream. Is there a way to fix this? It shows correctly in the chroma key filter setting in OBS but then on the actual stream it's transparent. 

**fixed  I switched OBS to set the color key to magenta and made it the same in the settings note doc

Hello! Is there a way to only open the hand version window? i  had a tablet && hand rigged on my live2d model already so I want to use this solely for the larger over the screen arm but I seem to not be able to close just ONE of the windows without it automatically closing the other.

Thanks you very much for this program! I'm having a lot of fun with it ^^

i ve some trouble with my custom model , when i override my models always get those white marks on the wrist , i need help with that idk what's the problem.

I did have that problem too and easily solved it by adding a small blur at the join ;)

Hey I've been struggling with it flashing on OBS - has this been solved?

Was having this problem too, but found a way to fix it. Originally I was using a "game capture" type source to have the arm on screen but after swapping to a "window capture" type source it seems to have fixed itself.

hello ! their is any update for left hand?


I think you can just flip it in the streaming program.

I don't think so it will still work as well because when u draw something on left, the hand will be on right :/

exactly, when I just flip the mouse tracker is in the wrong way. and if I flip the picture, its really cursed x'D


can anyone help? my window doesnt go full screen, and on twitch studio the hand doesnt show up at all, what can i do? thanks

  1. U can't make it fullscreen, but u can maximize the window
  2. Make sure the window with the hand is on the top and one layer behind the tablet window

You're welcome!


is it at all possible to change the pen tip pixel position for the tablet hand, not the big hand. like say i wanted to make a big feather quill pen, how would i get extra vertical space


For those who want macOS support you'll need Crossover to run the exe. It runs perfectly fine and hasn o lag what so ever. 

how do you use it in ipad?

Hello there,

There is an issue with this plugin and an App called Sketchbook Pro. When I use this app with eith of these tools both the Spud tablet and Spud Arm freeze on the screen while a stylus is in use. It's the only app currently that just just freezes both until I raise my hand off the screen.

I'm using a Cintiq Pro 32. Works perfectly with every software but this Sketchbook Pro Software.

I sure hope you can fix this.

I think it can be something with acceleration... try searching in settings for acceleration and turn it off. maybe that's the problem :|


is there a way to not only sorta distort the tablet area but to also move the hand/arm actually infront of the tablet instead?

The issue that I have has probably been solved before but if not then here is my issue. The pen tip doesn't really match my cursor. Also in my OBS when adding it to the sources I made sure to uncheck "capture cursor" but it still captures my cursor when recording. I use medibang paint pro as my main drawing program and use OBS Studio as my main streaming/recording software. Anyway how do I fix it?

(3 edits)

You probably solved this, but do you have it unchecked on your medibang source? I use clip studio and had to uncheck it

Also, I suggest messing around with the  "spudtabletarmsettings" > [ PointerOffset ] in the text file inside the folder to fix the pen tip issue

Any plans to release a version with alpha transparency like the SPUD controller?

(5 edits)

I have an issue every time I draw on my Wacom cintiq Pro 32 where the line  drifts. It seems perfect when it's in the middle of my phisical tablet but then the calibration goes off when i draw  towards the edges of my tablet. Is there a way to fix this?

EDIT- I'm thinking it may be perhaps that my screen is a 4k Pen Display. Does this app support 4k? 

I'm having the same issue!

there is one big problem. The cursor lags behind the original by exactly centimeters, as much as the upper bar of the program menu. The author please make a full screen by pressing a key so that the upper frame does not take the distance to the cursor.

Incompatible with Twitch Studio. Attempting to maximize the Arm screen causes twitch to go crazy and eventually lose all capture from the arm and tablet. I dont know the cause, only that it doesnt react this way if the screen is left alone. But its too small for me to work with without maximizing it. So currently it just doesnt work at all for anyone using Twitch Studio

I figured it out though the answer is kinda odd! you have to open two instances of the program and minimize what you don't want and use 2 screen shares to get it working!

1st instance hide tablet maximize arm and 2nd instance hide arm have tablet showing!

its a pain in the arse but it does work!

so i downloaded this as i just got my first drawing tablet but theres no read me included or a program in either on the zip packages


How do i shut off the hand version and only use the tablet version. Streamlabs is showing me two options for the capture but both bring up the top view and not the tablet view

works pretty well! only thing is, can someone tell me how to set it up if i have a drawing moniter? like, one of those tablets that has a screen you draw on, i cant for the life of me figure it out q^q


Spud is an executable that runs on your operating system like a simple window that's animated and chromakeyed. The Arm window captures the exact position of your cursor as it moves over it, and the Tablet window just mimicks whatever animation the Arm is doing. That's why the author recommends you put the Arm straight underneath your software's window so it captures your movements as you're drawing.

If your drawing monitor works as an extra screen on your PC, you just have to follow the instructions in the Readme. If it's more like a tablet that's standalone and gets recorded through a capture device like Elgato, it might prove a bit more complex, since Elgato mostly just renders whatever video signal passes through it, unlike OBS who can target executables, screens, windows, and the likes.

Hi! thank you so much for the assistence! it works wounderfull now :) 

Hey, my pleasure! :D


Hi! I want to use this for streaming but it keeps doing this?? 

Hi! I intend to use this program while streaming because I like the idea of my cartoony hand following my cursor while i'm drawing, and I think this is very cool but trying to set the window in my OBS I see that it's off center.
In the program it's fine! But in obs the farther I move from some center it set for itself the farther my arm asset goes instead of just following the cursor
I tried to match screen sizes and window sizes but it ain't working out.
Did anyone encounter the same problem? How to fix it? I'm very new to OBS sorry q-q

I've got the same problem friend and just posted about it. I think they need to tweak the calibration in th app.

This is a shot in the dark but did either of you figure out how to fix this issue? I've been struggling to get mine aligned just right. I also have a Cintiq Pro 32.

Olá, tive um problema com o tablet spud & arm, quando abri para ver como funcionava deu erro, apareceu uma janela escrita " Este aplicativo não pode rodar no seu PC ", " Para localizar uma versão para o seu Pc, consulte o fornecedor de software. " alguém poderia me ajudar? Eu agradeceria muito!

This is so cool!
But I've noticed it only captures mouse movement on the first monitor, if I could change it for the second one it'd be perfect

to make it work with your second monitor you simply have to drag the program's open windows into your preferred monitor!

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