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does anyone know how to remove the green screen on obs

Yes click on the source, go to filters, and add chroma key. Set the color to green and adjust until the green screen is gone. Enjoy!

it always tells me "The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem" though i reinstalled it many times


You’re missing the Visual C++ Redistributable. You can get it from Microsoft’s website:

I love these. I use the tablet and controller atm. How about a steering wheel one too? One for driving cars and one for flying planes maybe?

can you make a lunix version i will love to use it in my obs on ubuntu 21.10 if possible

Spud just seems to not work once I minimize the application for either the mouse or the keyboard

You have to have it open for OBS to detect it.

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is there any updates coming to this, it seems to crash with obs sometimes

Ever considered doing a trackball variant?

I'm left-handed and the keyboard don't recognize the NUM pad or arrow keys when I pressed them :(

This is a very well made app, good job!

However, is there a way to mod this to get a top-to-down view of the keyboard? Maybe some clever made pngs or .ini options?

This is perfect for streaming, my only issue is that the mouse moves in the opposite direction it should horizontally. But this is a job worth of buying if it was for sale.

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Hi, I have a suggestion; make an option in the keyboard settings ini file to have two hands on the keyboard for programmers to show the world how fast they're scripting, although now if they don't edit the hands on the mouse to be invisible, then they'd have 3 hands, lol, great job with this app, this is an amazing tool like all your others! 😀


I agree this is pretty cool idea for programmers, as I do a lot of coding streams I don't use my mouse much and just keyboard would look amazing for that