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i wanna a NSFW version, so the cat girl can make me hornier

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Pls help me

it's not working for me please can you write how i can get it to work

And my telephone poco

is there nsfw content

Any plans to further upgrade or improve with more characters or adding nsfw content and then a toggle for nsfw

I love the app, and Kat, but she doesn't work on the S21 ultra for some reason.

Used to work on my pixel.



Is it possible to get a version or template to put my own oc instead? I just would love to customize it for someone special. ^^


That is a good idea, i wish the creator was able to show the images of the character so we can use it as a Guide for making custom versions!!!


You can replace the images in the app with your own by using APK Editor


Well, that's something i guess, Thanks for the help anyways!!!

is there any way to download all the images instead of the app? because i want to only use 2 of these because they (imo) are the cutest.


Would you ever consider making something similar for Windows like a little desktop companion or just releasing the wallpapers on their own


Also your art is very good by the way.


I was thinking the same thing, would be super cool if there was a windows version. And for the others, y'know, mac linux etc.

Cara ,no começo eu tive um pouco de problemam

mas quando deu certo,foi simplesmente incrível sabe? Eu so adorei isso

Any plans on making a lewd version of it? This one is great, but there can also be some variety.

Love it, Lime. Thank ya for the adorable companion!


I think his chest is too big (or is it just my personal preference). In any case, I think that it can be reduced, but I do not urge the author to do so. It just looks somehow unnatural. As for the application itself, there are no objections and comments (cuz it is done well)


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let the boba alive


Doesn't work on MIUI 12


Can u please do something doesn't work on MIUI 12 


It doesn't work on MIUI 12


I love it. It's cute, surprisingly doesn't drain my battery as quickly as it warned potentially,  and my only gripe is that it resets over night, and I have to turn it back on manually in the morning. If that part gets fixed I have no complaints.



big booba UwU


Very nice, great Christmas gift from an awesome artist! If you ever do more, I can't wait to see what's in store. Hope developing this was a fun and positive experience for ya!


Turned off battery saver and gave it every permission i could to do whatever it wants, but it sadly it doesn't work despite being on Android 10. ;-;

i have an galaxy a03, and i have to "lock" the app, so android does not kill the process

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Whats going on limebreaker, no PP version ???